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Schedel, 1493
Mallet, 1719

Goldbach, 1799
see also page 2

Hartmann Schedel, Liber Chronicarum, Nürnberg, Koberger, 1493

In 2004  I acquired a page of the 'Liber Chronicarum' with a woodprint of an eclipse on it.

Alain Manesson Mallet,
Beschreibung des Gantzen Weltkreises, Frankfurt, 1719.

I have several prints from this book.
One map showing the constellations of the northern hemisphere. This is from a German version of Mallet's "Description de l'Univers" (1683) called "Beschreibung des Gantzen Weltkreises", published in 1719 by Johann Adam Jung.

Another shows the Moon, with nice recognizable details.

Finally I have engravings with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and one with two comets. The one showing Jupiter is interesting because all 4 Jovian Moons are drawn as well (see below) - one of them in transit over the planet. The one with the two comets is also interesting because it shows the tails pointing away from the Sun, as it should. Both comets are exceptional bright, because the sun is already rising and they are still clearly visible. Obviously, this is an "artist impression".



Christian Friedrich Goldbach, Neuester Himmels-Atlas, Weimar, Industrie-Comptairs, 1799.

Some great maps - Krebs, Jungfrau and Fische - look at them here on my PBase-site!

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