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Sidney Hall's Thirty-two plates of the Constellations, published in 'Urania's Mirror' or 'A View of the Heavens' by Jehoshaphat Aspin (first edition 1825).

Ian Ridpath, author of 'Star Tales', provided me with extra information.

On page 68 of his Astronomical Atlases, Maps & Charts (Search Publishing Company, London, 1932) Basil Brown writes with regard to Sidney Hall's plates:

"The engravings of this atlas are finely executed, with the stars denoted in a novel manner, i.e. perforated to size, according to magnitudes, so as to be visible against a light ground. This work is rather scarce, and copies are not easily obtained."

I have two plates: Gemini (plate 18) and Libra (plate 22).

These plates were published by Samuel Leigh.

Urania's Mirror was reissued in 1993 by CatherineTennant as 'The Box of Stars: A Practical Guide to the Mythology of the Night Sky', published by Chatto & Windus. It was also translated in Dutch and called: 'De STERREN in een DOOSJE' (information received from Peter van Grijfland).


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